RockStarCars have much more to offer than a database of vehicles. We aim to make your production process easier by offering the following services.



Body Work / Mechanics Specialists:

Looking to change the colour, modify the interior or change the general outlook of a vehicle?

Our technical department will take control of any alterations you may need – handled safely and professionally.


Precision Drivers:

Our highly experienced precision drivers are there to assist you with the most challenging driving your Production may require.



Driving and constant repositioning of a car whilst shooting can leave it grimy and full of fingerprints. On-set detailing will ensure the vehicle gets cleaned and polished between takes, so all the camera picks up on is a perfect reflection.

We also arrange detailing away from set. A must if you want your vehicle’s body work to stand the test of time – the ultimate treatment for a show stopping car.


Vehicle Advice:

We offer Specialist Advice for any vehicle related issue that may arise in the course of your Production (i.e. when shooting a Period Drama). We also have close ties with various car museums, specialists and collectors throughout South Africa, giving us access to all vehicle information and details you may need.


Vehicle Sales and Purchases:

Through our vast network of contacts we are in the perfect position to assist you with the buying or selling of a vehicle. Give us a call if you are on the hunt for a specific hero vehicle for your next movie, or if you are simply looking to sell a car.


Overnight Vehicle Storage:

Secure and affordable storage for vehicles, props and anything else. Facilities located close to the Cape Town City Centre. Both short and long term storage can be arranged.


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