A little background about us:


We are from Europe originally (Jason from the UK and Charlotte from Belgium) and we decided to move to SA many moons ago, after years of travelling. The Capetonian lifestyle, the weather and the people proved to be infectious and we haven’t looked back since.

We started RockStarCars almost by chance. Jason had been an avid classic car collector and motorsport enthusiast all his life (his first ever car at the tender age of 15 was a Triumph Herald, and he once hitchhiked all the way to the South of France to watch the Grand Prix in Monaco). Once settled in Cape Town he was approached many times by vehicle coordinators who wanted to use his cars in various productions. We always found there to be something lacking in our interactions with those agents, be it a personal rapport, or just clarity about what the job entailed and what the vehicle was actually used for. We were at a crossroads in our lives at the time, looking for new avenues, and that’s when our baby aka RockStarCars was born, in 2009.

Running our company is not rocket science, but there are a few points and values we feel very strongly about.

We respect the vehicles we work with, we respect the people we work with. We are here to do a job and we want to do it well. Over the years our company has grown, we have learnt many things and we have evolved in many different ways. But our basic values haven’t changed: we enjoy what we do, we love and appreciate the beautiful vehicles, places and people we get to work with, and we intend to keep it just that way!”

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